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Academia María Reina, founded in 1966, was the result of the vision of Sister Thérèse Marie, CSJ of the Sisters of St. Joseph. At the time, the Sisters operated Academia San Ignacio, a parochial elementary coed school. Upon eighth-grade graduation from Academia San Ignacio (ASI), boys applied to a variety of boys-only schools, including nearby Colegio San Ignacio (CSI), where most of them were admitted. Female graduates did not have a nearby Catholic high school in which they could continue their studies.

Sister Thérèse Marie shared her dream of an all-girls' school with parents of ASI, who became very interested in pursuing the idea. A group of six parents constituted a Board of Trustees for Colegio San Ignacio for Girls, as the institution was known at that time. The Jesuit Fathers of Colegio San Ignacio allowed the Sisters of Saint Joseph the use of two of the CSI's basement classrooms to begin their high school for girls. Sister Thérèse Marie served the new school as its first principal between 1966 and 1982; Sister María de Sales, CSJ, became the second principal until May 1998. In August 2011,AMR initiated a President Principal model of administration in wich ( o whereby) Sister Judith Burchyns,CSJ, became chief executive officer, responsible for the school's overall advancement and Ms. Rita Hernández became principal, directing the total education program and day to day operations of the school.

The Jesuit Fathers donated six acres of land and the Board of Trustees secured financing for the construction of the new school's facilities. In 1968, the Board of Trustees, the Jesuit Fathers, and the Sisters of Saint Joseph reached an agreement on how the new institution would be organized and governed. Its name was changed to Academia María Reina, and its governance undertaken by the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

The new facilities were inaugurated on May 31, 1969, and a year later the school was accredited by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The Middle States Association first accredited Academia María Reina (AMR) in 1973. Five years later, the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the school community agreed that it would be in the best interest of María Reina students to begin their secondary education in the same environment where they would pursue a high school diploma. Accordingly, AMR added grades 7th and 8th to its program of studies in the 1979-1980 school year and has offered them since. We are proud to state that in 1989 the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) recognized Academia María Reina as a School of Excellence.

A major developmental highlight occurred in 1994, when the original Board of Trustees was dissolved, ceding the property of Academia María Reina's buildings to the Sisters of Saint Joseph. At the same time, the Jesuit Fathers transferred to the Sisters the deed for the six acres of land occupied by the school, and the Sisters of Saint Joseph adopted the system of governance that characterizes María Reina at present.



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